Standard Cyber Security Measures

Our endpoint protection provides antivirus and antimalware protection to each computer in the network. It is constantly learning the new threats that are created by cyber criminals on a daily basis. This intuitive function is what sets it apart from other A/V’s in the marketplace. Since email has the highest level of cyber attacks and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, intelligent endpoint protection is a must.

Email encryption ensures email security in transit. Our intuitive encryption program searches for keywords and phrases in the subject line and email that would be considered ePHI or PII. If any of these words or phrases appear, the email is automatically encrypted before transit. This helps ensure the user doesn’t overlook securing the email prior to sending.Of course, there is also the option of manually sending an encrypted email simply by typing a keyword in the subject line. No need to login to a separate portal to send a secure email.

Laptop theft or loss is one of the most common ways private data is lost. Brightsides laptop encryption tool allows us to lock down any device remotely. Once the encryption is activated the entire device becomes inaccessible without the proper credentials. This ensures any data stored on the device is secure from theft or transfer. This same system can be used on critical PCs, USB drives or other mobile devices.

Web filtering blocks obvious threats like known mailcious sites, pornography, gambling. While highly effective, this level of filtering does not allow groups or individual filtering levels. This is blanket web filtering for the entire network.

An ATD firewall such as a Sonicwall brand firewall has the ability to get daily updates of the latest threats out there and monitors the traffic in and out of your network to detect and block these cyber threats.

Advanced Security Measures

We have put together a suite of products and services that can provide the best security available. This package is recommended for anyone who is serious about protecting themselves and their customers from cyber threats. Anyone who is under any type of regulatory compliance like HIPAA or PCI-DSS should definitely consider this package. The below security measures are all included and we will continue to add measures as they become available or needed as the cyber threat environment evolves.

Our web filtering system is powered by artificial intelligence. This allows us to identify malicious domains and/or undesirable content in real time, providing and unrivaled level of protection by eliminating access to threats. Also, access to sites can be filtered to promote more staff productivity. Our system allows different groups or individuals to have different levels of access. An example would be an office manager may decide no facebook for the majority of the staff, however the marketing department can be allowed facebook access.

Dark web monitoring constantly searches the dark web for any credential associated with your domain. Brightside is notified of the lost credential and password. Brightside then takes the necessary steps to ensure the credentials are updated and notifies the individual of the theft of the credential. All passwords are reset and the individual is aware of what the password stolen was. This allows the user to make changes to any other account that password may be associated with.

The ongoing monthly cyber security tutorials are simple 10-15 minute videos, articles or reports that highlights the recent cyber security threats. By continually reminding the staff of threats and safe workplace cyber security measures, they are much less likely to accidentally invite unwanted malware into the network.

Brightside will send phishing emails to test the staff’s ability to identify what a phishing email looks like. These will go out randomly and will be unique emails and will help the staff to identify what is good and what is bad in their inbox.

Anti-Ransomware Software helps protect the network from ransomware attacks. The software detects and blocks any path that ransomware tries to use to gain entry into the network. Ransomware will try multiple paths into the network on every attack. By having Anti-Ransomware Software in place all known pathways are blocked.

This will alert us to anything happening on the network that is not already approved. If someone outside a certain department logs in to a computer in that department, it will alert us immediately. If any outside device tries to join the network it will also alert us. Any event that we have not assigned as approved will be flagged and we will be automatically alerted so we can take the proper steps to verify the event as legitimate or as a threat. This requires a dedicated server to be installed on the network. As part of the package, Brightside will provide the server at no cost and there will be no additional support fees for the server. It is all included in the package.

Our advanced email filtering system runs all inbound emails through an artificial intelligence powered filter that processes millions of emails a day. Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Anti-Phishing and Anti-Ransomware filters means the threats are spotted and stopped in their tracks.

By offering this service, Brightside is the first that we know of in the industry to provide monthly security assessments. The assessments are reviewed each month after they are done and we remediate any issues found.

The executive staff of each client will be provided their own credentials to our reporting and documentation portal. This is where we will provide monthly documentation and reporting of the above measures which allows you to prove that you have been utilizing these security measures and that you take protecting your and your customers data very seriously.