Secret fix every experienced Tech knows..

"Have you tried rebooting?"

I'm sure you've heard this classic tech support question at some point. It's suggested for all kinds of gadgets, from tablets and smartphones to wireless routers and home entertainment systems. It even works for misbehaving computer programs.

iOS Comparison Chart


This is a list and comparison of devices prodesigned and marketed by Apple Inc. (formerly Apple Computer Inc.) that run a Unix-like operating system named iOS, often referred to simply as iDevices. The devices include the iPhone multimedia smartphone, the iPod Touch, which is similar to the iPhone but has no cell phone hardware, and the iPad tablet computer.

Need to know – Meaningful use..

Health-care providers may be racing to adopt electronic medical records (EMRs) and collect federal incentive payments, but few are stopping to explain how it all works to patients – and that can be a mistake, according to a new survey.

The fourth annual Xerox EMR survey asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults how they felt about their doctor’s current or future use of EMRs. The answer: Only 29 percent had even been informed that their medical records would be converted to digital format, and only 32 percent want the change.

A few "need to knows" about iOS 7..

Like any just-released operating system, iOS 7 has bugs. But, you know, Apple, so everyone’s poring over iOS 7′s glitches like armchair forensic experts. Not that some of these issues aren’t noteworthy, and it helps no one to downplay a security bug that, for instance, lets you access and/or transmit someone’s private photos and videos, or make phone calls to anyone in the world without entering a passcode.

iPhone 5c Vs. the 5s. Which wins?

September 10 was an interesting day for Apple fans, as the company held their annual unveiling of the new iPhone. But, this launch event was a bit different from past ones in that not one but two new devices were introduced. This marks the first time Apple has launched two iPhones and the immediate question concerns what makes these devices different.

Group contacts together in Google Apps

There is little doubt as to the fact that email has completely changed the way we communicate. Because there are numerous functions and features that make up many of the popular email programs, it can be hard to master or even learn about them all. One feature in Google Apps that most people know about, but few really use, is contact groups.

5 reasons to renew software/hardware service plans…

Many countries’ economies are facing uncertain times. Growth in China has slowed, the US is facing a fiscal cliff that could ruin the US economy and any reliant economies associated with it. It’s in these uncertain times that many companies are doing more with less and when it comes to IT, this means budget cuts.

Is IT outsourcing right for your practice?

One of the defining characteristics of a business owner is the often overwhelming feeling that they must do everything themselves. Some entrepreneurs are not great at delegating within their company, let alone to specialists outside. This can cause problems, especially when you realize that you aren’t an expert, and could use a little help.

Defined: 4 types of virtualization

Technical devices and systems are some of the most important business tools used on a daily basis by owners, managers and employees. While technology is constantly advancing, many businesses struggle to afford to update their technology on a regular basis, instead choosing to make do with their existing tech.